Wifi security equipment

Wifi security equipment

Thanks to our range of wifi security equipment, leave your home while keeping an eye on your home. You will find cameras, door sensors, motion detector, smoke detector and many more.

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1080P Wifi IP camera...


1080P Wifi IP camera compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Very practical interior camera. It allows you to watch what's going on in your home from anywhere!

It also allows you to listen to what is happening and you can also speak so that the person, the animal, ... near your camera can hear you.

You can also insert a memory card to record what is happening there.

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Alarm - Wifi PIR detector -...


Thanks to this WiFi PIR detector, be warned anywhere when someone breaks into your home.

It can be used alone. Activate it according to your time slots or manually when you wish via the "Smartlife" application. When someone triggers the PIR detector, you will directly receive a notification on your smartphone.

You can also use it with a "TUYA" compatible alarm system which can then manage it as a new zone.

Requires 2 rechargeable AAA batteries if you want to recharge them with the supplied USB cable or with 2 normal AAA batteries.

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Personalized pictogram on...


Do you have or do you want to install cameras in your home? Do not forget to order our personalized pictogram with your data in order to stay in order.

Our personalized pictograms are directly printed on an aluminum plate with legal dimensions of 10cm X 15cm on a legal thickness of at least 1.5mm (Belgian law: royal decree of August 21, 2009).

Don't forget to declare them on the website www.declarationcamera.be

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